Frequently Asked Questions

Azalea Gardens is a community whose residents and staff are both welcoming and relaxed. Everyone gets along, and the staff’s focus is to meet the needs of each resident while providing a fun and engaging environment.

While we believe Azalea Gardens strives to offer exceptional care, we understand the weight of this decision. Rather than simply taking our word for it, give us a call! We love meeting new people, providing tours of the community, and answering any questions big or small.

Spacious apartments, utilities, weekly housekeeping and laundry, engaging activities, nutritious meals and compassionate care are what you can expect from our community.

See our Services Page for lists of available amenities.

Azalea Gardens offers a variety of floor designs to choose from.

Head over to our Services Page to view floor plans.

Our staff works directly with residents, family members, and physicians to conduct an evaluation prior to move in and develop a personalized Plan of Care. Family care conferences are held regularly to assure that when resident’s needs change, their Personal Plan of Care is adjusted accordingly.

See our Services Page for our list of Personal Assistance Services.