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Assisted Living & Memory Care in Brookings, Oregon

Welcome Home

We are a resident-centered community with staff dedicated to an incredible and loving experience for residents and families alike.

Offering assisted living in a unique home-like environment has always been our goal, and you are our top priority.

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Local Activities

Balmy ocean breezes, spectacular views, and a host of outdoor recreational activities are just a few of the many reasons Brookings is a great place to visit.

Add to the mix good food, interesting shops, friendly people and a mild year-round climate and it’s easy to understand why so many of our visitors choose to become full-time residents of Oregon’s southernmost coastal city. —City of Brookings

City of Brookings Activities

“To our new owners Azalea Gardens,

Thank you for the beautiful calendar and the inspiring quotes on and in it.

I’m very thanksful for your being our owners. Thank you for the new ordering device. Thank you for the beautiful new sign. Thank you for the improving of our lights.

May God continue to lead and guide you in all of your decisions.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Different about Azalea Gardens?

This is a very laid back relaxed group, everyone gets along well with the staff and enjoys a little music throughout the day.

How Do I Know if Azalea Gardens Is Right for My loved one?

While we believe Azalea Gardens strives to offer exceptional care, we understand the weight of this decision. Rather than simply taking our word for it, give us a call! We love meeting new people, providing tours of the community, and answering any questions big or small.

What is included?

Our care at Azalea Gardens is designed to meet each resident’s specific needs while placing the utmost emphasis on choice, dignity, independence, privacy, respect, and individuality.

See our Services Page for lists of available amenities.

What are the floor plans?

Azalea Gardens offers a variety of floor designs to choose from.

Head over to our Services Page to view floor plans.

What if the existing care plan doesn't fit a resident?

Our staff works directly with residents, family members, and physicians to conduct an evaluation prior to move in and develop a personalized Plan of Care. Family care conferences are held regularly to assure that when resident’s needs change, their Personal Plan of Care is adjusted accordingly.

See our Services Page for our list of Personal Assistance Services.

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Let us help you decide if Azalea Gardens is the next place to call home. We are thrilled at the chance to meet you and share our passion for exceptional care!

Call us at (541) 469-7182



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